Application for Stormwater Utility Fee Credit


Stormwater Utility customers may receive a credit for constructing, operating and maintaining a stormwater facility on the property per Ordinance # O-19-02 and the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Policy.

Customers seeking a credit must submit all required information by no later than June 1st to be eligible for a Stormwater Utility Fee credit. All Stormwater Utility Fees will be listed on the property tax mail-out in November.




Supporting Documentation


  1. Site plan and as-built construction drawings (as certified by a licensed surveyor, architect, or engineer) at an appropriate scale, showing the grading and drainage plan for the property which typically includes: boundary survey, topographic and soil surveys; overland flow paths, all stormwater facilities, discharge structure, and area of impervious surface.

  2. A current St. Johns River Water Management District stormwater management permit and supporting documentation for the development outlining the storm event storage and treatment volume, and maintenance criteria, OR if not applicable, a description of alternative stormwater management design criteria incorporated into the site design to reduce stormwater volume and increase water quality from the development including Low Impact Design (LID) or Best Management Practices (BMP).

  3. An authorized signature as part of the application stating that the property owner agrees to maintain the stormwater management system in accordance with the applicable permits and/or site plan improvements. Failure to operate the facility as designed shall be reason for forfeiture of the credit. The City shall inspect and notify the property owner/operator of the facility’s deficiencies during the inspection period. The owner/operator will have thirty (30) days to comply or the stormwater fee credit will be rescinded.



Application Form

The form for application is available here and may be submitted by email, mail, or hand delivery.

Additional Information
For more information regarding Stormwater Utility Fee Credits and establishment of fees, please review these documents:

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